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Azin Mahan Avisa Company

The First and Only Manufacturer of Hot Stamping Foils in Iran

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About Azin Mahan

Considering the wide market of hot stamping foil in Iran and the lack of production of this product in the country, Azin Mahan Avisa company was founded by Mr. Saeed Aalikhani in the summer of 2015. The purpose of foundation of this company and producing this specific product is to promote the printing and packaging industry in Iran. 

We all deal with hot stamping foil on a daily basis. Don’t you believe it!?

Production of gilding foils with the best raw materials

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Frequently asked questions of Azin Mahan customers

We can adjust the roll dimensions according to customers’ request. The maximum roll width that can be supplied is 155 cm and the length of each roll can be increased up to 17000 meters.

The temperature range of Azin Mahan products is different based on the type of product. These temperature ranges are included in the description and technical data sheet of each product. Although, considering that the temperature of foil application depends on the type of substrate and machinery, it is recommended to contact technical experts for the correct use of our products.

Since the use of hot stamping foils depends on various parameters, Azin Mahan’s technical experts are ready to fully support and answer customers’ questions about how to use the products.

Yes. In case of any problem and report within 10 days, as well as confirmation by experts that there are technical defects in the purchased foil, the foils will be returned and replaced with the appropriate product.

Yes. It should be noted that Azin Mahan Avisa is not a trader, but a producer of hot stamping foil. Therefore, it is possible to produce hot stamping foils in the specific color required by customers. In this regard, you can contact the company’s experts.

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